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Best Dog Training in the St.Louis Metro Area, Marmon Family Professional Dog Training

Best Dog Training in the St Louis and St Louis East Metro Area

Comprehensive Dog Training at Marmon Family Dog Training

Are you looking for reliable and effective dog training? At Marmon Family Dog Training, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding results. With the widespread availability of smartphones, it’s easier than ever to compare dog trainers based on the evidence of their skills. Here’s why you should choose us:

Evidence-Based Training

Our results speak for themselves. Unlike other trainers, we do things differently. We invite you to compare our catalog of training successes with those of any other trainer. Witness the difference in our approach and the tangible results we achieve.

Importance of Recall Training

The recall command is one of the most crucial aspects of dog training. It showcases the dog’s understanding and responsiveness, as well as the handler’s ability to communicate effectively. Here are key points to consider when evaluating recall training:

  • Understanding: Does the dog comprehend the command when called?
  • Speed: Does the dog return to the handler promptly?
  • Consistency: Is the dog’s recall performance as fast as when they are chasing something?
  • Equipment: Is the dog dragging a long leash, and why?
  • Real-World Application: Does the recall begin from a stay position, and how does this apply in real-life scenarios?
  • Variety: Are there consistent examples of different breeds performing impressive recalls?

We encourage you to explore impressive recalls on other trainers’ pages and share them with us. We believe in giving credit where it’s due and learning from each other.

Why Choose Marmon Family Dog Training?

  • Proven Results: Our extensive catalog showcases the success stories of various breeds and training challenges.
  • Unique Approach: We tailor our training methods to meet the specific needs of each dog and handler, ensuring optimal results.
  • Expertise and Experience: Led by Aaron Marmon, our team brings years of experience and dedication to every training session.

Get Started Today!

Investing in your dog’s training is crucial for their well-being and your peace of mind. Start with a solid foundation built on the recall command. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your training sessions.

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At Marmon Family Dog Training, we are committed to helping you and your dog achieve excellence through personalized and effective training programs.