Exploring the World with Nova: Cane Corso Puppy Training

Dog Training In The Park - Marmon Professional Dog Training

A Day in Training with Nova, the Cane Corso Puppy

Today, I’m excited to share a training session with Nova, a young Cane Corso. With all her shots done, Nova is ready for new adventures. For the next 20 weeks, we will expose her to different environments with consistent training patterns.

Creating a Strong Foundation

At Marmon Family Dog Training, we build a strong foundation for our dogs. For Nova, this means practicing key behaviors like laying by me, sitting by me, jumping on targets, and walking by my side. These positions help her feel secure and understand what’s expected in different settings.

The Importance of Early Socialization

Early socialization is crucial, especially for large breeds like the Cane Corso. Today, we took Nova to the park. She encountered new sights, sounds, and smells. By practicing “down” and recall commands, we reinforce her training and help her adapt to various stimuli.

Teaching Familiarity and Confidence

We teach Nova that the world is a familiar place where she can feel confident. Consistent exposure and practice of known behaviors make new experiences less overwhelming for her.

Engagement: The Key to Success

Engagement is at the heart of our training. For Nova, maintaining focus during exercises is vital. By seeking engagement at all times, we keep her attention on the behaviors we’ve worked on. This helps her understand and retain her training.

We use speed and interactive drills to make training fun. This approach makes sessions enjoyable and creates positive associations with training.

Building a Great Family Dog

Our goal is for Nova to become a well-behaved and balanced family dog. By instilling engagement and responsiveness, we lay the groundwork for a lifetime of good behavior. Whether it’s service dog training, basic obedience, or behavior training, engagement and practice are key.

Our journey with Nova is just beginning. We’re excited to see her grow into a confident, well-trained dog. At Marmon Family Dog Training, we believe every dog deserves a foundation built on trust, engagement, and consistent training. Stay tuned for more updates on Nova’s progress and tips on effective training practices.

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