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Becoming Your Dog’s Best Friend Is Our Mission!

Building a Strong Bond with Your Dog

At Marmon Family Dog Training, our goal is simple: to help you motivate your dog to do what you want them to do. This starts with building a strong bond. By understanding your dog’s mind, learning what makes them tick, and figuring out how they learn best, we set your dog up for success.

Comprehensive Dog Training Programs

We offer a variety of dog training programs, including personalized dog training and specialized service dog training. Our programs are designed to create well-rounded, obedient, and happy dogs. We provide in-home training sessions for personalized attention, ensuring effective results right in the comfort of your home.

Expert Guidance and Support

Our expertise includes dog behavior training, reactive dog training, and basic obedience training. Whether you prefer one-on-one training sessions or our board and train option, we are committed to helping you and your dog achieve your goals.

Accessible Training Resources

Besides in-person training, we offer dog training videos for at-home practice. This allows you to reinforce training techniques at your own pace. Our experienced trainers are available to provide support and guidance, ensuring you have the tools and knowledge needed for success.

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Invest in your dog’s training today and start building a positive and enriching relationship. Explore our training programs at our website and find the perfect fit for your canine companion. Contact us now to learn more!

Dog Training and Service Dog Training with Head Dog Trainer Aaron Marmon, Marmon Family Professional Dog Training
Accessible Dog Training Resources, Marmon Family Professional Dog Training
Service Dog Training with Marmon Family Dog Training

Dog Training for the Family Environments

We specialize in family dog training… companionship. There is a difference in sport and working dog training compared to family dog training and we specialize in getting your family dog to become the pet you hoped they would be when you first got them. Our goal is to help you to integrate your dog to become a loving member of your family.

We Are A Local Dog Trainer in Your Area

If you’re looking for experienced dog trainers in your area, we are here to help. Our expertise in dog training for service dogs ensures that your dog will receive the highest quality training available. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist in training your service dog to meet your specific needs.

Comprehensive Service Dog Training

In addition to family dog training, we offer specialized service dog training to meet various needs. Our professional dog trainers provide free evaluations for potential service dogs to ensure they are suitable for service roles. We specialize in training for PTSD service dogs, dogs that assist with picking up items from the ground, stability support, and alerting to medical conditions.

Tailored In-Home Dog Training

Our in-home dog training sessions are designed to provide personalized attention, ensuring your service dog receives the specific training they need in the comfort of your home. This approach allows for a customized training experience that addresses your unique requirements and environment.

Becoming Your Dog’s Best Friend With Our Help, Marmon Family Professional Dog Training
Your Dog Trains with an Experienced Trainer-
Best Off Leash Recalls, Best Leash Engagement, Most Experience in St. Louis

Why Choose Marmon Family Dog Training?

Your Dog Trains with an Experienced Trainer

Many dog training companies are owned by experienced trainers, but clients’ dogs rarely interact with them. Instead, dogs often end up with new, inexperienced trainers. At Marmon Family Professional Dog Training, Aaron is the only trainer who will ever work with your dog, ensuring top-quality personalized dog training.

The Best Dog Training Catalog in St. Louis

Check out our results on any of our social media platforms. Compare our results to any other trainer in St. Louis, and you’ll see that we have the most impressive video resume in the area. In 2024, every trainer should have videos showcasing their ability to train. We love dog pictures, but we specialize in dog training. Our catalog shows dogs performing behaviors in various real-world scenarios.

Real-World Training Locations

Many trainers only train at their facility, limiting dogs’ real-world experience. Our lesson and board-and-train programs include training in realistic environments. You can see us training at local parks, dog-friendly stores, Busch Stadium, and the Gateway Arch, to name a few.

Best Off-Leash Recalls and Leash Engagement

Our recalls are the fastest, our dogs are the happiest on leash, and Aaron has the most well-rounded resume in St. Louis. He has experience with companion dogs, military dogs, search and rescue dogs, and service dogs. This makes our dog behavior training and service dog training the best in the area.

Comprehensive Training Programs

We believe in long-term training for lasting results. Our programs are built on the science that it takes at least 8 weeks to get reliable, fully conditioned behaviors. Unlike 2- or 3-week programs, our basic obedience training ensures your dog learns and retains new skills.

Veteran Owned and Operated

We are a disabled veteran-owned and operated company, committed to serving our community with the best dog training services.

Contact us today and learn more about our personalized dog training programs and see why we are the best choice for you and your dog.